Speed-reading with the help of tech-mology

My friend Seth wrote to congratulate on getting the book up somewhere where people see it and added:

 "P.S. – Is there any chance you can give me, you know, like a synopsis or something? Reading is so  time-consuming….“

Excellent question, Seth. Reading time is indeed a valuable commodity. Fortunately, there is an answer. Using the autosummarize feature of MS Word I can condense a 100,000 word novel down to just 98 words, which I have pasted here for your reading pleasure. I think it very accurately sums up the book:

by Benjamin Parzybok

"Thom!” said Erik. Thom sighed, “Erik?”
“Tree! Thom! "Erik,” Thom growled.
Thom nodded. Thom nodded.
Thom nodded. “Erik!” “Thom?” Thom smiled. “Thom, Tree and Erik. Thom
nodded. Thom smiled. "Thom. Thom nodded.
"Thom and Tree.”
“Erik,” Erik said.
“Tree,” said Thom.
“Tree! "Erik! "Thom!” said Erik.
“Tree?” “Tree! "Erik!”
“Tree! Thom,
Thom smiled. Thom,
"Thom.” “Erik? "Erik! Thom,

# (<–I assume this is to signify part two – ed.)

"Erik!” “Thom! "Erik!” “Erik, Erik. "Tree! "Tree! "Erik!” “Tree? Thom?”
Thom nodded.

“Tree!” Thom nodded.
“Thom!” Thom nodded. “Tree? "Tree! "Tree?” “Thom – Thom! "Thom? "Erik.
"Thom!” “Tree!”
“Tree. Thom. "Erik!” “Erik!” “Erik,” Thom said.
Thom nodded. Thom!


I hope I haven’t given away too much plot.